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The Physics of Fluids group covers a full range of undergraduate and graduate-level courses. Michel Versluis teaches a variety of classes spanning the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels in Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine.

Physics of Bubbles

APH, BME, TM M1 Quarter 2 2020/2021

Bubbles are omnipresent. This course covers the basics of bubble nucleation, bubble dynamics, the physics of bubble resonances, bubble acoustics, forces on bubbles, bubble heat transfer, cavitation and vaporization, non-spherical oscillations of bubbles and jet formation. The course includes lectures, tutorials and homework problems.

Urogenital System

TM B3 Quarter 2 2020/2021

This is one of the technology parts of the urogenital course module that focuses on the application of bubbles and ultrasound for renal perfusion, early detection of prostate cancer and shockwave lithotripsy. The course includes lectures, simulation assignments, and research classes.

Medical Acoustics

APH, BME, TM M1 Quarter 3 2020/2021

This course gives an in-depth overview of the current medical acoustics field. It covers basic ultrasound, transducer design, beam forming, ultrasound propagation, contrast agents, Doppler and other flow techniques, and ultrafast imaging. The course includes, lectures, tutorials, homework problems, and a full-blown lab course with ample hands-on experience.

Physics of Fluids lab course

APH B2 Quarter 4 2020/2021

This course runs in parallel with the Physics of Fluids lectures and tutorials. In the first A-assignments groups of two work on simple practical fluid mechanics assignments. In the subsequent B-assignments groups of four students work on a hot topic in the labs of the Physics of Fluids group. A group website discussing the problem and presenting the results of the lab course concludes the course in a joint peer-reviewed evaluation.

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